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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Austrian Agriculture Deomonstation on 30 March demands a new Agriculture and Nutrition Politic

The Austrians have had enough. They are demanding a new agricultural and nutritional political direction. The agriculture industry in Europe causes toxic scandals, genetic technology in food, suffering of animals in mass production of meat. This political leadership is increasing the crisis for hunger, climate change and the dying of small farmers. Left are degraded and exploited landscapes and monoculture. We have had enough of this! We, this is a broad latform of environment,- EZA and farming organisations as well as the social movement.
Also the Austrian government subventions with all our tax money a agro-industrial development, which has no future and where farmers are ignored along the way. The dying of farms continues, farmers are challenged with a senseless competition that often breaks their financial viability. The agro-industry has been supported through subventions of millions of Euros, which speeds up the market concentration. - Large farms must grow bigger and small ones have to give up. The chance to change this political direction was never more in need and better than today. Now we can set the new path for the future!

A new agro- and nutritional culture means:

Yes to a sustainable future of farms and agriculture!
Yes to a climate protecting agriculture!
Yes to Organic farming as a model for Austrian Agriculture
Yes to gentic-free food and nutrition
Yes to the right of humane food and nutritional sovereignty
Yes to a food culture that protects humans-, animals- and environment's honour.

We are demanding for a new agro- and nutritional culture from the Austrian government:

Agriculture money to be bound to social, ecological and animal protection criterions
Local food instead of imported genetic modified soya subventions
Sacrificing of energy-intensify fertilisers and humus-destroying practicies
Pesticide reduction and biodiverisity protection
Development of the organic argriculture
Protection of nature instead of sealing the soil
Respect for animals instead of industrial meat production
Sustainable food production instead of agro-fuel
Stop misleading advertisements
Fair regulations instead of liberal agro-markets, speculations and export subventions
Support of biodiveristy of crops and animal species instead of monoculture
Patents on plants and animals to be forbidden
Exploitation of migrants and workers in the agriculture to be prevented

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