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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Bless The Bee Pollen!

I feel that our culture has lost its ability to connect with nature on a spiritual level. When hunters and gatherers of indigenous tribes kill an animal, you can observe that they have dignity towards the spirit of the animal. They bless and thank the animal for giving it’s body to them and therefore the spirit of the animal can find peace. They do the same with trees and plants. This is how deep our connection is with the food that we eat. 

Now most people of the west have completely lost that part in their culture. I remember my grandmother was through and through living in great respect and honour of life. This disconnection from the living beings around us that sustain us, leads us away from our source. 

I have recently heard that 100g bee pollen is equivalent to 500g beef. One human could live on the protein intake from pollen supplied by 3 bee hives per year. Additionally the bee pollen is a super food containing essential amino acids and being plant based it’s completely karma free food as long as it’s being produced sustainably as with all food. I’ve written two articles about honey and bees which I’ve posted below.

Irene Schleining, Director, Whale of a Time