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Whale of a Time is riding the wave of change, promoting successful stewardship of our planet to create a peaceful, morally just, humane and sustainable culture, while ensuring survival of all species and their natural habitats. Whale of a Time organises creative and fun, inspiring and empowering events on environmental issues to encourage active participation living a sustainable lifestyle inspired by a positive attitude. We engage young and old from all walks of life through the Whale of a Time Community, the Whale of a Time Festival and the Whale of a Time Workshop. Our work has been recognised by many national and community and environmental awards schemes.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Plastic Garbage in the Ocean

Hear Jeremy Irons narrate this spoof video of the journey of a plastic bag from supermarket checkout and being thrown away on a city street to the North Pacific Gyre, an area of the Pacific Ocean with more plastic than plankton. Watch “Plastic Bag: a Mockumentary” produced by Heal the Bay:

The Pacific Gyre is twice the size of the USA. It is a vortex that collects debris including plastic waste, which breaks down into smaller and smaller particles, until it is ingested by fish and sea mammals. A trawl sample found 6 times more plastic by weight than plankton. Watch “Synthetic Sea: Plastic in the Ocean”. Find out more about the world’s biggest garbage dump:

In 2010, David de Rothschild (founder of Adventure Ecology) sailed the Pacific from San Francisco to Sydney on a raft  built 12,000 plastic bottles from called Plastiki (an obvious reference to Thor Heyerdahl’s 1947 Kon Tiki expedition on a balsa raft to prove migration form South America to Polynesia) journeying for 129 days and 8,300 nautical miles to see and report on the evidence or marine pollution. www.theplastiki.com See the videos at: www.flickr.com/photos/plastiki/sets/72157623691316656

Do this:
1.    Try to give up plastic bags when shopping. Ask them not to put individual items in bags. Take your own reusable bags to put your shopping in.
2.    Pick up plastic litter you find in the street. Bin it.
3.    Join the Litter Movement and pledge to do this daily: www.roskapaivassa.net/littermovement.htm
4.    Pinpoint litter on a map and report it to your local council: www.fixmystreet.com

Recommended by Michael Norton www.365act.com

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Michael Norton in Prison for Linda Carty

This was me at 6.00 pm locked up, but still smiling. By 7.00 pm it felt a bit claustrophobic, and I was glad to get out. Linda Carty has spent 8 years in a cell like this on death row awaiting execution after an unfair trial for a crime she almost certainly did not commit.
Michael Norton is a Whale of a Time Artist. Read more about Michael at www.whaleofatime.org/michaelnorton.php