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Whale of a Time is riding the wave of change, promoting successful stewardship of our planet to create a peaceful, morally just, humane and sustainable culture, while ensuring survival of all species and their natural habitats. Whale of a Time organises creative and fun, inspiring and empowering events on environmental issues to encourage active participation living a sustainable lifestyle inspired by a positive attitude. We engage young and old from all walks of life through the Whale of a Time Community, the Whale of a Time Festival and the Whale of a Time Workshop. Our work has been recognised by many national and community and environmental awards schemes.

Whale of a Time Tweats

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Whale of a Time at Sail, Power & Watersports Show

Whale of a Time Species Modelling Workshop provides an opportunity for children and all visitors to the boat show to make a model of their favourite marine species and take it home. View press release at Sail, Power & Watersports Show website.

People express their creativity and connect with animals and develop their relationship with nature. You can find all the great master pieces in the Whale of a Time Art Gallery including creations of abstract impressions of ocean waves, dolphins, sea snakes, whales, octopi, great white sharks, boats and divers. You can also view the
Whale of a Time Gallery here.

Whale of a Time raises awareness through creative workshops on environmental issues while providing a fun environment to learn about endangered marine species and habitat destruction. We believe that we can learn through developing a loving relation with nature while having a whale of a time. You can read more about the project at

Responses included the following:

James Brooke, Show’s Managing Director, said, "Thank you so much! You've made the show!"

Sarah Brooke (wife of James Brook, organiser of the show) said, "My sons couldn't wait to get back to do the workshop. They love it! Not only do the children love this but I feel I’ve gone back to my artistic days. So much fun you have to be here next year.”

Robin Brooke, father of James Brooke, said “This has been a fun experience for all the family and has made the kids more aware of the importance of our wonderful sea creatures.”

Richard Yeoward, former Vice Chair WWF, said, "Conservation works best when the people are involved."

Mike (10) said, “I think that this workshop was amazing. I love moulding clay! Thank you!”

Alexander (7) said, “I think this was fun!!!!”

Mother of Ali, Julian & Sophie (5) said, “What a fantastic idea! My daughter loved it! Thank you very much!”

Hedre (44) said, “What a wonderful idea to make the children - young and old aware!”

Cheggs (36), said, "Together we can heal the world. We all make a difference."

Andy (19), said “I really enjoyed myself, not done any sculpting before but I find it’s really cool and it made me think about endangered species.”

Irene Schleining, Founder of Whale of a Time, said, “We’re happy to be at the Sail, Power & Watersports Show again this year! We have had a whale of a time! We’ve had so many people here keen to have a go at making the models. The models they’ve made are beautiful and I have to say it’s rewarding to see the enthusiasm, especially the children, enjoying learning about the animals and to see how they get engaged with environmental issues which is the most important part of this workshop.”

Whale of a Time is based at K16 amongst lots of boats and is great entertainment for families, kids, teenagers, adults and anyone who is inspired by marine species and likes to express their creativity. We’re so happy to see everybody exploring their creativity and having a whale of a time!
Read more about Whale of a Time projects at www.whaleofatime.org

Come and have a try!

Make a model of your favourite marine species in clay!

Come and explore your creativity and challenge your skills!

It’s free and fun!

Have a whale of a time!

Irene Schleining

Founder & Artist
Whale of a Time


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Earthwatch Debate: Irreplaceable – the World’s Most Invaluable Species

Photo credits: Simon Reid

Thursday 20
th November
he Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore
London SW7 2AR

The ever-popular and thought-provoking Earthwatch Debate this year focuses on the world’s most irreplaceable species – choose between bees, bats, fungi, plankton and primates (but not man!), championed by leaders in their field.

Chair - Andrea Catherwood, TV broadcaster & independent film producer
Our speakers for the evening:
Bats - Dr. Kate Jones, the Zoological Society of London
Bees - Dr. George McGavin, Honorary Research Associate, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Fungi - Prof. Lynne Boddy, Cardiff School of Biosciences
Plankton - Prof. David Thomas, School of Ocean Sciences, University of Bangor
Primates - Ian Redmond OBE, Chairman of the Ape Alliance
Doors open at 6.00pm (cash bar); debate to be followed by a second cash bar, 9.00-9.30pm.
Entrance free to Earthwatch supporters; otherwise a small donation will be requested on the door. Optional buffet supper, 9.00-10.30 – supper tickets £25.00
For tickets and more information, please contact the Earthwatch Europe Events Department on (01865) 318856; events@earthwatch.org.uk

Earthwatch Lecture - Shrinking Habitats, Species Survival

Thursday 16th October

The Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore
London SW7 2AR

Dr. Dawn Scott (University of Brighton) & Dr. Rich Reading (Denver Zoological Foundation) will be giving talks on their Earthwatch projects, ‘South Africa’s Brown Hyenas’ and ‘Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe’, species in the one case often unfairly maligned, and in the other, sadly under- researched.
By ticket only - free to Earthwatch supporters, otherwise a small donation is requested on the door.
Contact the Earthwatch Europe Events Department on

+44 (0) 1865 318856. Email: events@earthwatch.org.uk
Photo credits: Dawn Scott

Friday, 8 August 2008

A Review of Whale of a Time Feat. Eco-Artists

Dear Friends of the Whales,

Thank you all for coming to our event on 27th July and for your amazing support and participation. David Rothenberg told his story of his involvement with whales and dolphins and also performed live-music with his clarinet accompanied by whale sounds, which he plays to the whales. His music sounds just like the whales themselves. It’s a fascinating story how David got started with his first recordings to his standing today as a world authority on whale communication. He explained how music is a universal language and the importance of inter-species communication. There are only a few people around the world are interested in this and he wonders why there aren’t more people interested in this aspect of animal life. The world of animal sounds is a creative world full of fun and exciting responses. 

It’s like making music and understanding how musicians see the world through the music they make. That’s the language of the whales. You may view David’s profile at http://www.whaleofatime.org/davidrothenberg.php

We also had a fantastic talk by Michael Norton who gave an insight on how to change the world by telling stories and how people did this. There a one story that I’d like to mention which I believe is very inspiring for everyone out there. It’s the story of a little boy who was just 6 years old who asked his parents if he could have some money to build a well for people in Africa. He managed to raise enough money to build a well, and then went on to found his own organisation, which Oliver the last nine years has built nearly 300 wells and has provided fresh water to millions of families. This story shows how simple it is to make a difference. If even a 6-year old boy can make his dream come true and do something to make this world a better place, then you can too. 

You may view Michael’s profile at http://www.whaleofatime.org/michaelnorton.php

Easy UK Musik also a Whale of a Time Artist – view his profile at http://www.whaleofatime.org/easyukmusic.php - created a beautiful ambience with some fantastic dj-ing while we were getting our hands dirty and creative during the Whale of a Time Species Modelling Workshop, view gallery at http://www.whaleofatime.org/workshops.php.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to the Whale of a Time Species Canvas, which created a colourful vibrant visual message to help protect the oceans. The painting is available for auction. All the funds go to educational projects of Whale of a Time. Please send your bids to info (at) whaleofatime.org

Happy Whales, acrylic on canvas, 61 x 92 cm

The painting is available for Whale of a Time Auction. All the funds go to educational projects of Whale of a Time. 

Music and performance, environmental talks and creative inspirations made this event a beautiful experience. Thank you for helping Whale of a Time to raise awareness of endangered species.

We’re currently in process of editing the video of the event, which will be online at www.whaleofatime.org very soon!

Stay tuned with our Whale Mail, which you can receive by subscribing at whalemail (at) whaleofatime.org

Please help me to keep doing this really exciting work for the youth and community and donate at http://www.justgiving.com/whaleofatime All funds will be used for the educational work of Whale of a Time.

Have a whale of a time!
Happy Whales :)

Friday, 18 July 2008

Whale of a Time @ Inspiral Lounge Feat. Eco-Artists

Sunday, 27th July

2 pm – 7 pm
11:00 pm - 12:30 am Whaledreamers

Inspiral Lounge
250 Camden High Street
London NW1 8QS
Nearest Tube: Camden Town

An exhilarating afternoon of creative fun, alternative music, film and art, aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues, fundraising for the Whale of a Time projects and promoting eco-artists.
Featuring internationally acclaimed specialist
on whale communication
David Rothenberg (New York)
The man who communicates with animals comes to London
exploring an alien intelligence: Whales and their profoundly mysterious sounds.
David produces music by recording whales and their responses to his clarinet.
He's playing at the Royal Opera House in July and we're delighted to present him to you!
Showcasing the talents of English cellist Emily Burridge,
who will be playing music from her forthcoming album
“Bach,Burridge & into the Amazon”,
With special guest Michael Norton,
international leading eco-fundraiser and author of
“365 Ways To Change The World”,
Throughout the afternoon you’ll have the chance to get your hands dirty and creative and
make your favourite animal species in clay at the
"Whale of a Time Species Modelling Workshop"
Get inspiralled by multimedia and performances, healthy living and conscious being.
Bring all your skills, voices, instruments, your sparkly selves and your sparkly friends!
Download the invitation flyer at www.whaleofatime.org/inspiralled.jpg
Have a whale of a time! :)

Marine Connection Exhibition

Recognised internationally for their environmental importance, the Islands of the Outer Hebrides have an abundance of sealife. In view of this, in May 2008 the Marine Connection opened an educational exhibition focusing on dolphins, whales and the marine environment, at Nunton Steadings, Benbecula. The primary objective is to increase both local and visitors knowledge and understanding of these marine mammals which in return will help to encourage protection and enhance enjoyment of their natural habitat.
Further information can be found here

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sign the Petition for the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Now

Dear Whale friends,
Please sign this petition to add your voice to those calling for a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. Thanks to other IFAW supporters like you, we already have more than 35,000 signatures. Please help us reach our goal of 100,000 names in time for the next International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting, which starts on June 23rd, 2008, in Santiago, Chile.
A commitment to conservation

This year, Commission members will consider a proposal to create a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary that would extend across the South Atlantic, from the coast of South America to the coast of Africa, and on down towards Antarctica.

The vote on the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary provides a vital opportunity for the IWC to show that it is committed to whale conservation.
Please sign the petition!

Have a whale of a time!

Happy whales ;)

The Summer Solstice Celebration at Stonehenge 2008

The Summer Solstice Celebration at Stonehenge 2008 was a beautiful experience with over 35,000 people present from all different backgrounds and countries with the same aim: to celebrate the sunrising alignment with the ancient archaeological monument of the giant magic stone circle in Wiltshire, UK.

Whale of a Time was present too and we've got lots of photos for you in our Stonehenge Gallery

Read more about Stonehenge

Monday, 16 June 2008

Whale of a Time @ Synergy Centre Climate Festival

On 14th June we were asked by the Synergy Centre near Camberwell (South London) to present Whale of a Time projects and set up a stall to raise awareness of environmental issues and in particular endangered species.

Our display was decorated with all the beautifully
coloured, fired and shiny-glased clay models, posters of endangered animal species from all over the world, providing information about Whale of a Time projects and our up-coming event on 25th July Whale of a Time Featuring Eco-Artists. View invitation flyer Cuddely marine species toys as well as the Whale of a Time Artists EP were on sale as a memory of the fun and creative night.

It was a fantastic opportunity to present environmental issues and the Whale of a Time Species Model Workshop. I usually don't get the chance to talk to people so much as I'm usually quite busy with the workshop but I found that it was equally important. It was great to have the chance to talk to people about the problems various species face today and it fitted well with the Climate Change Festival. I'm please with the response and hope to have inspired lots of people with Whale of a Time.

TV Production is looking for young campaigners!

Are you aged 14-20? Are you a campaigner or activist?

We're looking for individual young campaigners to actually campaign for something they believe in and want to create awareness for - whether it be the environment, street crime, drinking or something less serious.
Do you think you've got what we're looking for?
Contact us at info@whaleofatime.org
Have a whale of a time! ;)

Monday, 28 April 2008

Talk to Dove before they destroy Paradise Forests

Unilever, the makers of Dove beauty products, are buying palm oil from suppliers who destroy Indonesia's rainforests. They're causing forest destruction, species extinction and climate change.

Together we can make the company stop destroying forests for palm oil.

Join the international Dove campaign today - sign the open letter below.

Why this step is so important:
Unilever invests heavily in brands like Dove soap, Flora (Becel) margarine, OMO and Persil laundry detergent, Pot Noodle and Unox soups so people will trust them. Branding makes products personal. That's why for this step in the campaign we need you to do it alone -- to write in your own words, person-to-person.
Show the top managers at Unilever that you care, that you can see what the palm oil business is doing to Indonesia's forests, and that they have to change immediately.
How this works:
Please use your own email program (like Outlook or Hotmail or Gmail) to write a new mail. You can use our list of points below to help write the message.
Send your email to these addresses:
patrick.cescau@unilever.com, kees.vandergraaf@unilever.com, ralph.kugler@unilever.com, lettemieke.mulder@unilever.com, jan-kees.vis@unilever.com, doveaction@greenpeace.org
Feel free to write about your own experiences and thoughts too. Please remember that you are writing to people who also have hopes and feelings for the Earth.
Your message will be sent to these people at Unilever: Patrick Cescau (Group CEO), Kees van der Graaf (President Europe), Ralph Kugler (President Home and Personal Care), Lettemieke Mulder (Director Corporate Responsibility), Jan Kees Vis (Sustainable Agriculture Director and Chairman of RSPO). The email will also go to a special Greenpeace address for the online campaign.
Points you could make:
  1. Indonesia is losing its forest faster then anywhere else on Earth, driving species like orang-utans to extinction.
  2. Due to the destruction of rainforests and peatlands, Indonesia is currently the 3rd biggest greenhouse gas polluter in the world (behind only USA and China). And palm oil plantations are causing much of the deforestation.
  3. Unilever is one of the world's biggest users of Indonesian palm oil for many of its products. About half of Unilever's palm oil supply comes from Indonesia. As recently as 2005, Unilever purchased 1 in every 20 tonnes of palm oil produced in the country.
  4. Indonesian palm oil is used in products like Dove, Knorr, Walls, Ola, Persil, Omo, Surf, Flora and Becel.
  5. Demand for palm oil is forecast to grow quickly. According to the UN 98 percent of Indonesia's lowland forest will be destroyed by 2022 if trends continue.
  6. Unilever has failed to take any effective action to ensure its palm oil is sourced from sustainable sources. It also heads the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which has overseen the situation continue to get worse.
  7. Unilever, as a major buyer of palm oil, and leader of the RSPO, is in a unique position to help save Indonesia's rainforests.
  8. At the moment the RSPO is little more than a greenwashing operation because RSPO members continue to be involved in the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests
  9. Greenpeace investigations show that it is Unilever's own palm oil traders and producers (themselves RSPO members) who are leading 'aggressive expansion' of the sector that results in the devastation of the last remaining orang-utan rainforest and peatland habitat in Borneo.
You know you did a good thing.

A big hug from the Whale of a Time Team

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Whale of a Time Review of Blue Planet Live! @ Wembley Arena

Blue Planet Live! Tour in the UK

London Wembley Arena – 5th April
Cardiff St David’s Hall – 12th & 13th April
Nottingham Arena – 19th April
Manchester Central (formerly GMEX) – 20th April
Blue Planet Education Day @ University of Manchester - 21st April
Birmingham Symphony Hall – 24th & 25th April

...weird and wonderful creatures of the deep, the spinning dolphins and the killer whales
Imagine that on a simply massive scale; one of the biggest screens ever in the UK in fact...
Imagine a full 76 piece orchestra pounding out the dramatic and emotional music conducted by the very man who wrote the music and you can probably imagine exactly what we're talking about here. Whale of a Time was present at Wembley Arena. We've put our experience into words for you to feel the magic that we felt from the ocean dream world.

Whale of a Time Review of Blue Planet Live! @ Wembley Arena

I open my eyes and I believe I can see my dream unfolding billions of years in one second when all life began. I’m on the blue planet with the largest habitable ecosystem that we know of – the ocean. I’m diving deep down in the darkest space on Earth where life exists amongst hot volcanic sources. I can feel the Earth breathing slowly in and out as I see the carbondioxide bubbles dancing in spiral form to the surface into the atmosphere providing vitality to all chlorophyle cells of the Earth. Deep down in the darkest shadow of the living kosmos are the smallest micro organisms, weaving translucent patterns, a net of life support for all organisms that depend on it. Tiny multi-cellular alien creatures come in thousands of different forms and sizes with each being as unique as each other.

This is an alien world where creatures evolved with the most peculiar astonishing imaginative looks, shapes and effects so beautiful that one could not find anywhere else in the universe. Aliens using the most perfect colourful glowing phosphorescence moving light patterns programmed and produced over millions of years of research and development by nature’s multifaceted evolutionary system. It’s beauty and perfect design touched my spirit right through my bones like hypnotised I would follow the light in the darkness. Its presence brings warmth and the most beautiful moonshine into the darkest realm of the ocean. It all makes perfect sense seeing these transparent alien creatures in the crystal clear water.

The ocean is giving birth to all life on this planet. This fantastic world under-water is painted with such magical beauty that it transforms me as my dream manifests itself. I follow the sound of the orchestra rolling, twisting, and turning while diving in and out of the dark blue colour of the ocean alongside a pod of dolphins. I feel the water splashes on my skin, I can hear their songs, I see their curiosity and playfulness in their faces, their happiness and joy comes from the freedom in the never-ending ocean playground. Their perfectly dynamic body is formed by the waves of the ocean over billions of years of evolution. Chasing fish swarms going round in circles these patterns of colour and movement reflect the sunlight onto the ocean ground.

In the moving landscapes of the ocean live giant turtles. As I come out of the depth to fill my lungs with air I travel like a bird in the sky. As I’m flying through the arctic sky I notice polar bears playing, rolling down a snow hill while their mother is watching her young with care and a big smile on the face. It’s her kingdom of ice. Snow foxes and snow rabbits chasing through the sugar landscape of their homeland.
From the distance, thousands of kilometres above the ocean I can see a mountain, like a lonely island in the middle of a dessert surrounded by water. As I come closer the island transforms into two floating rocks, a grey whale mother and her baby on their journey cruising around the water world. I can hear the baby whale making some high pitched squeaking noises to her mother when she responds with some deep bubbling sounds like a clarinet under water. The whales are being chased by a pod of Orcas. The Orcas come closer. The baby is crying for help and the sound is broken by the sound of a flute as the Orcas break a piece off the mountain island, which is washed away by a wave into a sea of red. The big lonely island continues the journey leaving a part of its love behind, filling the ocean with tears.

The wind beats the ocean waves high above into the sky and a storm takes my heart to the sunrise where penguins are getting ready in their diving suits for an expedition in the sea of ice. Ready in line patiently they queue and march towards the diving station. The crystal clear water bubbles as they shoot with the highest speed off the ground passing the blue ice landscape underwater. The penguins are shooting straight like an arrow out of the water each landing on a different space on the top of the ice platform. I’m diving out of the water flying in the sky as I spot an island in the ocean.

As I dive closer I can recognise the great blue whale cruising in the ultramarine blue ocean. As I’m getting closer to the blue island, it makes an elegant majestic dive into the depth of the ocean, a waterfall is pouring from its fluke taking my dream with a rainbow into the depth of the ocean while filling the orchestra with the life of the sea where my dream becomes alive as I hear the sound of the music.
My experience of the Blue Planet fills my mind with the spirit of the true beauty of nature - a dream in reality.


Cyberstarlet, Whale of a Time April 2008

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Whale of a Time with Dolphin Moko - the Hero Saves Stranded Whales

Never has this been recorded before in history. Dolphin Moko who is a very popular dolphin since the 10th March 2008 when he came to rescue a whale mother and her baby who had been stranding at Mahia Beach in Hawke's Bay.

The two pygmy sperm whales got very distressed although conservation field worker Malcolm Smith who has been working in this field for 30 years and couldn't help the whales and was about to give up and kill the whales to save them from any more pain. All of a sudden a dolphin turned up out of the blue and swam directly towards the whales and started talking whale. The whales agreed with the dolphin and swam back into the sea.

This was an exceptionel resolution of the problem and shows how this compassionate creatures of the sea care for each other and are able to communicate over distance and help each other. Perhaps we'll see humans work with these animals more closely for whale rescue around the world. Dolphin Moko certainly has received our Whale of a Time Award for his fascinating rescue work.