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Whale of a Time is riding the wave of change, promoting successful stewardship of our planet to create a peaceful, morally just, humane and sustainable culture, while ensuring survival of all species and their natural habitats. Whale of a Time organises creative and fun, inspiring and empowering events on environmental issues to encourage active participation living a sustainable lifestyle inspired by a positive attitude. We engage young and old from all walks of life through the Whale of a Time Community, the Whale of a Time Festival and the Whale of a Time Workshop. Our work has been recognised by many national and community and environmental awards schemes.

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Friday, 8 August 2008

A Review of Whale of a Time Feat. Eco-Artists

Dear Friends of the Whales,

Thank you all for coming to our event on 27th July and for your amazing support and participation. David Rothenberg told his story of his involvement with whales and dolphins and also performed live-music with his clarinet accompanied by whale sounds, which he plays to the whales. His music sounds just like the whales themselves. It’s a fascinating story how David got started with his first recordings to his standing today as a world authority on whale communication. He explained how music is a universal language and the importance of inter-species communication. There are only a few people around the world are interested in this and he wonders why there aren’t more people interested in this aspect of animal life. The world of animal sounds is a creative world full of fun and exciting responses. 

It’s like making music and understanding how musicians see the world through the music they make. That’s the language of the whales. You may view David’s profile at http://www.whaleofatime.org/davidrothenberg.php

We also had a fantastic talk by Michael Norton who gave an insight on how to change the world by telling stories and how people did this. There a one story that I’d like to mention which I believe is very inspiring for everyone out there. It’s the story of a little boy who was just 6 years old who asked his parents if he could have some money to build a well for people in Africa. He managed to raise enough money to build a well, and then went on to found his own organisation, which Oliver the last nine years has built nearly 300 wells and has provided fresh water to millions of families. This story shows how simple it is to make a difference. If even a 6-year old boy can make his dream come true and do something to make this world a better place, then you can too. 

You may view Michael’s profile at http://www.whaleofatime.org/michaelnorton.php

Easy UK Musik also a Whale of a Time Artist – view his profile at http://www.whaleofatime.org/easyukmusic.php - created a beautiful ambience with some fantastic dj-ing while we were getting our hands dirty and creative during the Whale of a Time Species Modelling Workshop, view gallery at http://www.whaleofatime.org/workshops.php.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to the Whale of a Time Species Canvas, which created a colourful vibrant visual message to help protect the oceans. The painting is available for auction. All the funds go to educational projects of Whale of a Time. Please send your bids to info (at) whaleofatime.org

Happy Whales, acrylic on canvas, 61 x 92 cm

The painting is available for Whale of a Time Auction. All the funds go to educational projects of Whale of a Time. 

Music and performance, environmental talks and creative inspirations made this event a beautiful experience. Thank you for helping Whale of a Time to raise awareness of endangered species.

We’re currently in process of editing the video of the event, which will be online at www.whaleofatime.org very soon!

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Please help me to keep doing this really exciting work for the youth and community and donate at http://www.justgiving.com/whaleofatime All funds will be used for the educational work of Whale of a Time.

Have a whale of a time!
Happy Whales :)